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CFL Preseason Toronto 24 - Winnipeg 22

The first CFL game of the season is in the Books and both Drew Willy and Natey Adjei showed very well for their respective teams. Adjei's Toronto Argonauts won the day thanks to a late failed two point conversion but Drew Willy distanced himself from the second and third string quarterbacks for Winnipeg.

Willy's day started a little rough. In his first game as a Blue Bomber there were some kinks to work out, one of those may have cost the Bombers a touchdown. Ealry in the first Willy threw the Ball to a wide open Clarence Denmark on the post route for what would have been a touchdown, but Denmark ran a flag.

Denmark made a few nice grabs in the game to make up for that early mistake but it was a Willy pass to Julian Feoli-Gudino which ended up as Drew's first Winnipeg Touchdown.

On the other side of the ball Adjei had four receptions for 62 yards starting in the second quarter. Nothing too mind blowing but the 27 yard reception during the second half was nice to watch.