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Will Mack Go #1?

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

I'm a Buffalo sports fan, and I'm creeping into middleagedom so it's no surprise that I typically don't get my hopes up for things. Wide right, No Goal, and a host of formative sporting experiences taught me one thing.

It's better to be surprised with delight than crushed by disappointment. Fortunately for this NFL draft I am pretty much guaranteed to here "University at Buffalo" before I here "Buffalo Bills".

Mack has visisted with six of the ten first teams in the draft including the St. Louis Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars, Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions. When Buffalo had their pro day scouts from every NFL team showed up to make sure his solid combine was not a fluke.

So Mack goes before 6, but does he go number one?

All the talk about Khalil Mack going number one has not went to his head. The University at Buffalo linebacker has been lighting up the opposition at Buffalo since 2010. This season he started as a plyer considered to be a borderline first round pick. Then he outshone everyone on the field when UB played Ohio State. Mack carried the Bulls as they crawled back from an early deficit to give the Buckeye's a run for their money.

He is now seen as the the best defensive playmaker in the 2014 NFL draft. But what  about getting drafted first?

Don't be surprised if Buffalo's Khalil Mack is No. 1 pick
Let's just say Commissioner Roger Goodell has no idea of the crushing hug he'd be in for if Mack, the wrecking-ball from the less-heralded Mid-American Conference hears his name called first when the draft begins Thursday, 8 p.m. ET. "I'll get the dust off him,'' Mack said, laughing.

Mack not only proved the combine was legit, he bettered his numbers in the Buffalo Bills field house. From that point own the Mack vs Clowney debate was born. It's an odd debate to have because they are different players. Mack, as an outside linebacker in a 3-4, is a different fit into defense than Clowney who is best suited for a 4-3.

Houston runs a defense that is perfect for Khalil Mack, the only question is do they pick for defense or offense? When they make their second round pick what Quarterbacks can they expect to be on the field?