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Last Bull In - NFL Draft Episode Live Webcast 10:30

The team will be breaking down the draft and catch up on other UB news!

Hello Bulls fans. The long wait is finally over. The band is finally back to together for another riveting edition of Last Bull In. Come back here at 10:30 est to watch.

On the agenda (but we use the term agenda lightly) for the show:

10:30 Introductions, Updates, and a State of the Union

10:45 Mack Bruwpeg - Last chance to enter or tweak your vote.

10:50 All Mack all the time. The Mack Channel. See where our experts have Mack landing and why!

11:10 Bo, Alex, Najja & Jasen going? Getting name called or free agent locations.

11: 20 Draft thoughts, Non Revenue round up, general hilarity, and so much more

11:30 The famous Last Bull In Shoot Outs.