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Bull_Trojan Mock Draft: Top 10

My one and only Mock Draft asks where will Mack go? I slotted Mack #3 to Jacksonville, but I showed my work.


With the first pick in the NFL draft, the Houston Texans select:

Johnny "Football" Manziel - Texas A&M

I don't see Houston going with defense. Clowney isn't the best fit for the 3-4, and while Khalil Mack is a good fit, the Texans already drafted a Mack type LB in Whitney Mercilus two years ago. Houston GM Rick Smith cannot afford to spend two number 1 picks in 3 years for 1 position, especially since his team has uncertainty at Quarterback. In seven years as GM, Smith has only drafted two QBs, Alex Brink with pick 223 in 2008 and T.J. Yates with pick 152 in 2011. He needs to prove he can pick a QB for the sake of his job.

Houston selects: Johnny Manziel.

With the second pick in the NFL draft, the St. Louis Rams select:

Mike Evans - Texas A&M

St. Louis' greatest need is WR, they could trade down, but the draft is too deep for the Rams asking price. They will add the most coveted offensive weapon in the draft and needed size at WR.

With the third pick in the NFL draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select:

Khalil Mack - Buffalo

Jacksonville needs a QB, but they also lost Maurice Jones-Drew and will likely be without Justin Blackmon this year. Normally I'd say Jacksonville has to go QB, but with Florida State Heisman winner and crab enthusiast Jameis Winston eligible to enter the draft in 2015, Jacksonville can make an "unsexy" pick in 2014, and then aim for more obvious progress in 2015 behind Winston.

Jacksonville was last in sacks in 2013, but second last in sacks allowed. Jacksonville's choices would be Jake Matthews at OT, Clowney at DE or Mack at LB. With defensive minded Gus Bradley, (last year the defensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks) and with the focus on drafting an athletic QB in 2015, I think Jacksonville will emphasize defense over offense this year. I would normally say Clowney would be the choice, but Bradley brought with him Chris Clemons as the "Leo", the featured rush defensive end in his scheme. Thus I believe Jacksonville will balance their defense with an aggressive outside linebacker. The linebacker who squeaked out of Florida in 2009 won't escape the Sunshine State this time, Mack goes to Duval County.

With the fourth pick in the NFL draft, the Cleveland Browns select:

Jadeveon Clowney - South Carolina

Cleveland has a new defensive coach, and he will make Cleveland a defensive powerhouse. Cleveland will have a secondary led by Joe Haden and Donte Whitner, a linebacking core consisting of Karlos Dansby, Quentin Groves, (The War Eagles of Sadness?) Barkevious Mingo, and Paul Kruger. All they need is an impact defensive lineman, and one of the best in years will fall down to them.

With the fifth pick in the NFL draft, the Oakland Raiders select:

Sammy Watkins - Clemson

Oakland loves speed and has no real receiving weapons. Arizona has revitalized the careers of cast away Quarterbacks Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer. Oakland can do the same for Matt Schaub but as Arizona had Larry Fitzgerald, Oakland will need explosive weapons. Sammy Watkins can be that weapon.

Oakland Raiders select  Sammy Watkins.

With the sixth pick in the NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select:

Jake Matthews - Texas A&M

Three Aggies in the top 6. In 2011, Atlanta thought they had a solution at tackle when they signed Tyson Clabo to a 5-year deal. They will look to lock that position down again by drafting A&M's Jake Matthews.

With the seventh pick in the NFL draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select:

Greg Robinson - Auburn

Tampa Bay needs a Wide Receiver to replace Mike Williams, but with the top two receivers taken, the Buccs will select best on the board, Auburn OT Greg Robinson. Tampa can put three tackles in a competition for the two starting tackle spots and move the last place finisher to guard, shoring up the offensive line.

With the eighth pick in the NFL draft, the Minnesota Vikings select:

Teddy Bridgewater - Louisville

Minnesota desperately needs a QB to prevent Adrian Peterson from becoming a modern day Barry Sanders, in the best RB wasted by bad QB play way. As the Vikings will be playing in the Minnesota cold for the next two years while their dome is built, the "better wearing gloves" Bridgewater seems to make more sense than Bortles who played his ball in the Florida sun.

With the ninth pick in the NFL draft, the Buffalo Bills select:

Eric Ebron - North Carolina

The Bills added a lot of depth to a good defense. They need a Safety to replace Jarius Byrd, a Tight End as Chandler proved unreliable in the pass game, and a Quarterback either to challenge for the starting job, or serve as a solid backup. Ha-Ha Clinton Dix is very tempting but the Bills need to help their young QB and a tight end is a QB's best friend.

With the tenth pick in the NFL draft, the Detroit Lions select:

Ha-Ha Clinton Dix - Alabama

Rounding out the top 10, the Detroit Lions have a great front 4, but allowed almost 4,000 yards passing last year. Justin Gilbert or Ha-Ha Clinton Dix could sure up the Lions secondary. I believe Gilbert is the better pick at 10, but Caldwell and Defensive Coordinator Teryl Austin come from Baltimore, where the safety is the key to the defense. The Lions will hope that with a secondary build around Ha-Ha, their defense will be no laughing matter. (had to)