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Alumni renovations - Photoshop Contest

It could be that perhaps the "Buffalo" on the UB logo is coming but something tells me this Mural being placed on the new entryway to the basketball locker rooms is pretty much complete as you see it.

In the interest of full disclosure I have long ago jumped on the NYBI bandwagon so I'm not bothered by the apparent omission here. It's a sharp logo and a good improvement to the hallway.

I am sure that at the Buffalo News, who are the defacto NYBI rebellion, has some folks who will be gnashing their teeth about this. I expect it will be brought up as a side note in some hit piece.

But I respect my U-Brothers and their creativity. Even in their disagreement we can all have fun so here goes.

Lets see your photoshop skills. What would you do to complete this logo?


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  • No content that runs afoul of our community guidelines (racism, sexism, or any other ism)
  • No swipes at UB Student Athletes