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Bull Run Interview with Branden Oliver

Bull Run was finally able to catch up to Bo. That is better than many of his opponents ever did over his great career at UB.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Bull Run was able to catch up with UB record holder Branden Oliver.   Bull Run's very own Conrad wrote two amazing articles detailing Bo and the draft.  If you have not read the articles, carve time. Draft Profile Part 1 Draft Profile Part 2. Some other great articles on Bo as the draft approaches have ranged from the most underrated player entering the draft to Bo should be taken in the fifth round.

What have you been up to since the Pro Day?  Are you still in Buffalo?

I'd like to thank my LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST but yes I'm still in Buffalo training hard since pro day.   I've worked with ATL and MIA.

What is your favorite memory playing for UB?

It was my last game at UB stadium when I broke the record for yards in a game.

You rushed in your career for over 4,000 yards and 33 TD's.  Eye popping numbers!  You have always had to prove yourself?  Are you ready to prove yourself at the next level?  What teams have you been in contact with?

Through all my trials from freshman year until now I really found that I don't have to prove anything to anyone.  What I'm going to do is work for the LORD with everything I have and give it my all.   I have had contact with Minnesota, Arizona, Falcons, Miami, Raiders, San Diego, Patriots, Denver, and the Jets.

Have you been able to get advice on all that you are going through right now?

I've talked to James Starks, Naaman Roosevelt, Drew Willy, Earnest Jackson, and Jamey Richard. They just told me to keep working hard and everything will pan out after pro day.

Your thought on the RB’s for the Bulls next year? They have some big cleats to fill from James to you!  Looking forward to a good O line!

Yeah.  Anthony Taylor, Devin Campbell, and Jordan Johnson have what it takes to do even greater things!

Lastly, what message would you like to give to your fans and all the people of Western New York?

I'd like to thank all the fans and to those who criticized me my freshman and hopped on during my sophomore year.  I especially want to thank those who believed in me through it all.

For all of us a Bull Run, it has absolutely been our pleasure to watch you play this great game.  Your compete, your class both on and off the field, work ethic, and so much more is the reason why we love football and especially the Bulls.  Good luck in all that do.

Thank you guys as well. GOD bless!

Thank you for the time.

No problem at all.

First round of the draft is Thursday, May 8.  The second and third round are on Friday May 9th and rounds 4 - 7 will be held Saturday May 10.  Come back to Bull Run for reactions to the draft, many more articles, and also breaking news on UB players invited to NFL camps.