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MunchMadness - 3rd Round - Bocce Club Pizza vs. Charlie the Butcher

32 have entered and 8 still stand. We are heading towards a champion!

Buffalo and WNY has some amazing places to eat.  At Bull Run you will decide the best place!  Thirty two teams entered and down to the Tasty Eight.  The final eight are this match up of Bocce Club Pizza vs. Charlie the Butcher and upcoming Chiavetta's vs. Gadawski's, Lloyd vs. Grover's, and Dick & Jenny's vs. Ted's.


Bocce Club Pizza vs. Charlie the Butcher  - How did Bocce and Charlie make it into the third round.

Bocce Club kicked off MunchMadness with a big victory over Anchor Bar - Bocce vs. Anchor

The most contested and controversial contest pitted Bocce vs Brennan's in the second round -  Bocce vs. Brennan's

Charlie beat Salvatore's in the first round - Charlie vs Salvatore's

Charlie took on Cantina Loco in the second round in a hard fought very close battle -  Cahrlie vs. Cantina Loco

Bocce Club PizzaWebsite

Bocce club is a force to be reckon with in Munch Madness.  Pizza is served in every corner strip mall in America. Along with Chicago, there is not a city that has a better selection or better quality of pizza than Buffalo and Western New York.  One of Buffalo Pizza staples is Bocce Club.  Here a video of Jimmy's Big Cheese Steak Pizza.

Charlie the Butcher -  Website

Charlie the Butcher is more than Roast Beef on Weck but let's face it, they do it as well or better than anyone in the area.  Roast Beef on Weck is a Buffalo thing.   Unlike pizza this sandwich has stayed a local favorite.  When Ralph Wilson was enshrined in the football Hall of Fame, it was Charlie the Butcher who served the Buffalo favorite in Canton