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Buffalo Bulls in the NFL

It's going to be a busy Summer!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

There still may be a signing or two coming down the pipe but it's starting to look like this summers crop of UB Bulls in summer camps is close to set. Here is the roster I have

Khalil Mack Oakland Raiders Linebacker
Steven Means Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive End
Jacob Schum Punter
Naaman Roosevelt Detroit Lions Wide Receiver
Trevor Scott Chicago Bears Defensive End
Jasen Carlson Tackle
James Starks Green Bay Packers Running Back
Josh Thomas Carolina Panthers Cornerback
Branden Oliver Indianapolis Colts Running Back
Alex Neutz Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver
Derek Brim Buffalo Bills Safety
Colby Way Defensive End
Najja Johnson Pittsburgh Steelers Cornerback

I'm not used to following the NFL that much in the spring. Even in my days as a Buffalo Bills fan spring was not something I cared to really dig into. But with more and more Bulls finding their way into the NFL and finding success there it's going to be hard not to watch this season.

Fortunately SBNation's fleet of NFL blogs are second to none. So here is your one stop shop for the dates, sights, and players to look at in this years NFL camps.

Oakland Raiders

S&B Pride

First day: April 22

OTA off season workouts: May 27-28, May 30, June 2-3, June 5, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

It's possible that Oakland drafted Khalil Mack with the idea of reinventing their offense into a base 3-4 or something close to what UB fans saw from Lou Tepper. Mack is joining a solid set of linebackers and linemen who as a group can play a lot of different roles.

The last time I followed the raiders was when Trevor Scott was plaing a hybrid defender. Mack is probably the most gifted pass rusher in this years draft and he will get time to prove the hype was deserved. A first round draft pick is going to see a lot of time in the pre season.

Tampa Bay

Bucs Natn

First day: April 7

OTA off season workouts:May 20-22, May 27-29, June 2-5

Voluntary minicamp: April 22-24

Mandatory minicamp: June 10-12

Means was a part of the Buffalo front seven which included Khalil Mack for three seasons. Last year he was taken in the 5th round of the draft. As a rookie he saw time in a hand full of games racking up five tackles.

This off season the Bucs picked up Michael Johnson from the Bengals. Johnson should is likely to start opposite Adrian Clayborn. Which means that Means will be competing with Da'Quan Bowers, and William Gholston for time. He will have to outplay them if he wants real game time this season.

Also in Tampa is Jacob Schum. Schum came to UB as a power punter and averaged 38.5 yards per punt in 2010, including 13 fair catches and 13 inside the 20. Schum started out a little rough around the edges after transferring from DIII Buff State but by the time his first season was over he had settled nicely into the role of primary punter.

In 2011 Schum upped his average punt to 39 yards, which given UB's kick coverage at the time was pretty impressive. Schum has a monster leg and can put impressive time and distance on a punt if given the space to do it.

Schum was signed by the Browns last off season but did not make it too far with Cleveland.


Pride of DET

First day: April 7

OTA off season workouts: May 20-22, May 27-29, June 2-5

Voluntary minicamp: April 22-24

Mandatory minicamp: June 10-12

Naaman Roosevelt was signed by the Detroit Lions not too long ago and the Former Buffalo Bulls, and Buffalo Bills receiver is eager to make an impression.

The 26-year-old Roosevelt appeared in 16 regular season games for Buffalo from 2010 through 2011, hauling in 25 passes for 396 yards and a touchdown. He spent the 2013 preseason with the Browns, appearing in two games. The Browns waived him on August 31.

He was a part of Buffalo's pro day this year. Every team in the league sent a scout to see Khalil Mack and the Lions liked what they saw in Roosevelt. Because the NFL's minimum salary is tied to the length of time a player has played in the league Roosevelt will need to show real value over the younger receivers in camp this summer.


Windy City GI

First day: April 22

OTA off season workouts: May 27-28, May 30, June 2-3, June 5, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

This past off season the Bears picked up Scott after he was placed on waivers by Tampa. The 6-5, 260-pounder graduated from UB after the 2007 season and has since played in 76 NFL games with 18 starts over six seasons with the Oakland Raiders (2008-11), New England Patriots (2012) and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2013).

Scott has registered 94 career tackles, 16.5 sacks, 21 tackles-for-loss, two forced fumbles and one pass breakup as well as 20 tackles on special teams.

Scott was selected by the Raiders in the sixth round of the 2008 draft out of Buffalo. His best season came in 2009 when he recorded 37 tackles, seven sacks, 11 tackles-for-loss, 12 quarterback hits and six special-teams tackles while playing in all 16 games with six starts for Oakland.

Updated (5/11):

Jasen Carlson was invited to mini-camp with the Bears.

Green Bay


First day: April 22

OTA off season workouts: May 28-30, June 3-5, June 10-13

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

James Starks was taken by the Packers in the 6th round of the 2010 NFL draft after having missed his senior season due to an injury. He was on and off the depth chart through out his rookie season but became a fan favorite when the Packers got to the playoffs.

Starks had a great postseason and helped green bay secure the LOmbari trophy with a win over the Steelers.

He's had injury problems over the years and he is the backup so when his contract ran out this season there were some who saw the Pack letting Starks go. He visited with the Steelers before Green Bay decided to re-sign him.

Starks has one job this off season. Stay healthy and productive. If he does that he will be playing in Green bay again this season.


Cat Scratch Reader

First day: April 21

OTA off season workouts: May 27-29, June 3-5, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

Josh Thomas was picked in the fifth round draft choice by the Dallas Cowboys. It was his hometown team and it was his dream to play for them. But Thomas did not make it in Dallas.

He was picked up by Carolina and has had a decent career as a role player ever since. He has 36 tackles and seven pass deflections with the Panthers.

He had worked his way into a starting role last season but a hit to the head against Buffalo sidelined him. He is coming into this season as a backup according to Cat Scratch Reader.


Stampede Blue

First day: April 21

OTA off season workouts: May 27-29, June 2-4, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

The Colts have a history of UB Players on the roster. Issac Newton, Jamey Richard, Drew Willy, and others have played in White and Blue.

This year after the draft the Colts signed Branden Oliver as a free agent.

This could be a good fit for Oliver. The Colt's did not have a powerful need for a running back but there are gaps on the depth chart which may give BO an in to the 53 man roster.

Colts Positions of Need: Running Backs - Stampede Blue
So why is running back a need? Because outside of a guy who was terrible and a guy coming back from a torn ACL, the Colts don't really have a lot at running back. Two of the big name backs in a Colts backfield that on paper looked really good are Donald Brown and Ahmad Bradshaw, and both of them are due to become free agents on March 11.


Cincy Jungle

First day: April 21

OTA off season workouts: May 27-29, June 3-5, June 16-18

Mandatory minicamp: June 10-12

The Bengals picked up Alex Neutz shortly after the draft ended. He is going to have to fight James Wright for a spot. Wright, of LSU, was taken by the Bengals in the seventh round. The Bengals have also signed San Diego State wide receiver Colin Lockett.

Neutz is a different kind of receiver so hopefully he presents some niche that the other new receivers can't fill.


Buffalo Rumblings

First day: April 22

OTA offseason workouts: May 28-30, June 2, June 4-5, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

The Bills signed Derek Brim, the former walk-on as a free agent after this seasons NFL draft. Brim played his High School ball at Canisius before going to UB so his football journey has been a Western New York affair.

The last Bull defender to try out with the Bills was Domonic Cook who was looking good in camp before he hurt himself and was cut.

Update 5/12

The Bills have also invited Colby Way to their rookie camp.



First day: April 22 OTA

offseason workouts: May 27-29, June 3-5, June 9-12

Mandatory minicamp: June 17-19

This is a great opportunity as I could find for Johnson. The Steelers ended last year as a team that needed a Corner back. While they added in the off season and drafted Arizona's Shaquille Richardson in the fifth round. Johnson may very well have a shot at breaking through.

If nothing else Johnson's speed could land him a spot on the Steelers special teams.