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MAC Baseball Power Rankings

Rank Team Pvs chg MAC Last Comment
1 CMU 1 0 8-1 2-1 vs UB CMU let the Bulls hang in all three games, and tripped up in game three but an 8-1 start the the year keeps them in first
2 BSU 2 0 7-1 3-0 vs EMU Ball State made very short work of the Eagles. The canceled game against Buffalo is all that might be keeping them out of first.
3 Kent 3 0 7-2 3-0 at OU After a slowish start to MAC play Kent is on a roll, right now with Miami and Buffalo Struggling the Flashes look like the beast of the East.
4 Miami 5 1 4-5 2-1 vs Akr Taking two from Akron may be just what the doctor ordered for Miami.
5 Buffalo 4 -1 4-4 1-2 at CMU The Bulls had every chance to win two of the games against CMU. UB is a team that can play with anyone in the conference but lacks consistency
6 Akron 6 0 6-3 1-2 at Mia Akron is though one quarter of conference play with a solid 6-3 mark. But the only good team they have played shut them out in one game the pasted them in another.
7 Toledo 9 2 5-4 3-0 at NIU Solid sweep by Toledo but it might be more a reflection on NIU then on the Rockets.
8 BGSU 8 0 4-5 2-1 at WMU It's early to panic but being three games down on Kent in the east is not the place the defending MAC champs should be.
9 WMU 7 -2 4-5 1-2 vs BGSU Western takes a big dive after a good start to the season.
10 NIU 10 0 2-7 0-3 vs Tol The Huskies were a surprise contender in the MAC last season. Last year they went from doormat to contender, this year they did it in reverse.
11 EMU 11 0 1-8 0-3 vs BSU The series against Ball State was just as ugly as one might expect. The stratification in the MAC west is something to behold.
12 Ohio 12 0 1-8 0-3 vs KSU I was wrong about OU not having a win in last weeks poll.. But the Bobcats more than made up for it this past weekend.