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Bull Run Bull Initiative: #2: Something For The Alumni

UB has de-emphasized the building of a Athletics, Recreation and Wellness Center, but it is important for UB athletics to reclaim that space in Alumni Arena.  After building a new home for UB Football, we will work on the three-phase Bullization of Alumni Arena.

Phase 1: Locker Rooms

A locker room renovation and Basketball team room/lounge to rival Wichita State: $250,000

Phase 2: Bullization of Alumni Arena: $50,000

Alumni's brick facade matches the campus theme, but does not stand out as an big time athletic facility. If I look at an arena and I'm not sure if I'm going to Psych 101 or UB vs Ohio, it's a problem.

Inspired by Emirates Stadium, a banner with the starting five will be placed on the back of Alumni Arena. The back will become the new entrance for UB Basketball games. We will expand the entrance, and have tickets checked at the door. Add a bold sign and some banners so to equate Alumni Arena with basketball even while fans are outside of the arena.

NYBI: Exterior


BRBI: Exterior


As fans walk up the stairs and into the arena, they will be flanked on both sides by the Alumni Lobby from the NYBI plan, which includes images of great UB moments, trophies, and TV screens with highlights and live game action.

Phase 3: Concessions, Restrooms and Club Section: $700,000

Once the Student Recreation center is built, the space currently used for student exercise equipment can be converted into an upscale concession area. The 6900 sq ft. fitness center will become a sit in concession area, again inspired by Emirates Stadium, donned in UB memorabilia and stocked with classic Buffalo foods and televisions so that even when purchasing food, fans won't miss any of the action.

In addition, a members only luxury lounge will be built where donors can enjoy club level upscale foods and drinks. Alumni arena is not structured to accommodate an in arena club seating, but the club level can give fans luxury while watching UB Basketball.

Removing the existing concession area, we can add more restrooms, and update the existing restrooms to create a more enjoyable arena experience.

The concession area will make Alumni Arena a destination for fans before and after the game. It can also be opened year round as a stand alone dinning area for students faculty and staff, and it will be the closest food to students living in the South Lake Apartments. When the tunnel connects Alumni Arena to the rest of the North Campus athletics facilities, the concessions at Alumni can be used for all other sports on North Campus.


The million dollar, 3-phase project will establish Alumni Arena as the North Campus home of UB Athletics. The project provides benefits for athletes, enhanced gameday experience for fans and creates additional revenue streams for the athletic department with the expanded concession area.

The project is similar to the planned Alumni Arena Repurposing, however in the NYBI master plan it is more of a 3rd tier plan, where in the BRBI, it is the #2 priority. We believe these first two projects give UB the best chance to win the MAC in Football and Men's and Women's Basketball.  In those major sports, it is vital that fans enjoy coming to games and continue to support those teams, and it is vital that the facilities attract good players to keep the fans happy.

The non-revenue sports however provide flexibility, and the BRBI is committed to helping the smaller programs that have done a lot with a little. Up next, the BRBI Rows The Boat.