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Senior Salute: Dazzlers

UB Dazzlers Facebook

When the end the season comes around, the spotlight is on the graduating players. Usually teams will take the extra  step to acknowledge their senior managers as well.

But there's another important group also experiencing their last game at Alumni today. They won't get the same pomp and circumstance, but the senior members of the Spirit teams also deserve to be recognized after years of hard work cheering on the Bulls.

The UB Dazzlers are the dance side of the spirit squads, and in addition to their contributions to UB's Gameday Environment, they're also one of the most active UB accounts on Twitter, bringing their support for all UB's teams to the internet.

The Dazzlers' season doesn't end until later in the spring, but today is the day they'll honor their two seniors: Jessica Stein and Jessica Lorusso

Jessica Stein has been a member of the Dazzlers since she first set foot on campus and capped off her four year stint by serving as captain for the last two seasons. After leaving UB she's taking no time for rest and will be entering the US Coast Guard Academy (!).

Jessica Lorusso has been with the Dazzlers for two years and after a well-deserved summer off, will be attending grad school in the fall.

Congrats and THANK YOU to both Jessicas - and all the Spirit Squads - for their devotion to UB Athletics. Best of luck in the future!

If anybody knows the names of seniors in the Cheerleading squad or the Band, shoot us a message on Twitter or in the comments, and we'll include them in this post as well to make sure they get recognized.

Band seniors

Michael Rubino – Drums
Ali Schenmeyer – Baritone
Michael Merkwa – Mellophone
Rachel Sokoloff – Saxophone
By years Gandalf is a senior but he’ll be here next year since he’s a grad student

Thanks rma!

UB Dazzlers