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Buffalo Basketball: Javon McCrea Senior Salute

UB Athletics

I've run out of things to say.

I started calling him 'The Kraken' mostly because I was sick of finding new ways to refer to him.

He's UB's all-time leading scorer. He's UB's top modern-era rebounder.

When he was honored for moving to the top of the record books, he refused to stand alone and had his whole team join him for the photo.

He's a handful of games from 2000 career points and 1000 career rebounds.

Just show up to F@!#ing Alumni tomorrow and cheer your lungs out for the best player any of us will see in a long time.

To make sure Javon isn't shortchanged, I'll include links to some of the many, many words I've written on his incredible career in Amherst.

And yes, that tomahawk dunk in the Koessler Center, from the player my father called 'the man-child', is still my absolute favorite Javon McCrea memory.

Bulls Madness This Friday - Bull Run

Obviously Javon McCrea is the guy to look to here. The first game I saw him play in was his freshman year at Canisius. At one point in the middle of the game he stole the ball at the top of the key and took it to the rim, but not before getting both elbows above the rim before Tomahawking it down. He was only three weeks past his 18th birthday. Our namesake's signature dunk was impressive, but McCrea's was perhaps the most physically frightening I've ever seen live. If I were a judge, all Javon would need to do to win the dunk contest would be go up and Tomahawk one like he did at Koessler.

Buffalo Bulls vs Central Michigan Chippewas Instant Reactions - Bull Run

A 39-36 first half lead ballooned to as much as 18 as UB coasted to a 79-70 win over the Central Michigan Chippewas on Saturday night. But the story of the game was Javon McCrea really showing off his stuff. I'll spoil it for you now: 25 points and 20 rebounds for the Kraken. The last time a Bull went 20/20? Yassin Idbihi in my fondest UB memory: the famous "no socks" game against Bowling Green in Idbihi's senior season.

Javon McCrea breaks Buffalo Career Scoring Record - Bull Run

But the senior forward has always feasted on Kent State, and came alive in the final nine minutes of the first half, heading into the break with 16 points, already nearly matching his season average. It certainly appeared that Rasaun Young's mark would fall before the final buzzer today. The record bucket eventually came on a tip in with 17:26 remaining in the second half, bringing the score to 38 - 35.

Men's Basketball: Buffalo Bulls vs Kent State Instant Reactions - Bull Run

Player(s) of the Game: The Forwards. McCrea is the leading scorer and record holder on the day, but Will Regan and Justin Moss were also exceptional today, especially in the second half. The trio combined for 58 points and 21 rebounds in just 66 combined minutes.