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Buffalo Basketball: Corey Raley-Ross Senior Salute

UB Athletics

Buzz Before He Got Here: On the heels of Titus Robinson, Coach Witherspoon grabbed another recruit from the Charlotte area in the uber-athletic Corey Raley-Ross, a three-year team captain at Harding University High School. Raley-Ross wasn't a particularly highly-rated recruit, but was named to the All-State team three times and averaged 25 points, five rebounds, three assists and three steals in his senior season.

Breakout Moment and First Three Seasons: Raley-Ross showed some promise in his first two seasons. As a freshman he scored 16 points in an empty-the-bench game against Houghton, and had 12 points, 6 boards, and 4 assists in a similar game against Buffalo state.

It was as a junior that Raley-Ross started to see the floor more frequently, playing in 25 games and even making nine starts. He wouldn't match his single-game point totals from his first two seasons but was a valuable contributor in the nonconference part of the the schedule.

Senior Moment: Raley-Ross is the other player who has most notably suffered in the transition from Witherspoon to Hurley, and it's a shame, too, because for four years I've been hoping there was enough reason to really use the CR2 nickname.

Raley-Ross has no points on the season, and his season high in minutes is just 4 against WMU. Depending on the WMU-CMU matchup tonight, tomorrow's game could be an opportunity for the two seed, or meaningless for seeding purposes. Either way, I hope Corey gets a shot for meaningful minutes and at least one bucket in his final season in Amherst.