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Buffalo MAC Tournament Seeding Scenarios

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

WMU Tonight: Won against Northern Illinois, no 13-4

UB Tonight: Lost to Akron, now 12-5

Toledo Tonight: Won against Central Michigan, now 13-4


NOTE: Jeremy Guy tweeted that WMU holds the #1 seed if the tournament started today. While Toledo holds the tiebreaker over the Broncos on the basis of 'best win' - UT is 1-0 against Buffalo, while WMU is 0-1, a twitter user reminds us that there's a 'divisional record tiebreaker' in applied before the 'best win' tiebreaker.

For the purposes of UB, the relative order of UT and WMU is moot.

Standings after tonight:

1. WMU 13-4

2. Toledo 13-4

3. UB 12-5

The easiest way for UB to get a top 2 seed was to win both their games. Unfortunately this didn't happen, and now they're looking for help to get the bye into the semifinals.

Scenarios for Saturday:

UB Gets the 1 seed if:

UB cannot get the 1 seed, because they cannot pass Toledo and lose the tiebreaker (head to head) to the Rockets.

UB Gets the 2 seed if:

UB win, WMU loss

UB owns the head to head tiebreaker over WMU, and in a three team tie will be placed second, after Toledo but before WMU.

UB Gets the 3 seed if:

UB loss OR WMU win

Northern Illinois almost did the Bulls a huge favor tonight, but fell short in the final minutes. WMU's last chance for a loss that would knock them down to the three seed and give Buffalo that triple bye comes Saturday at 7:00 PM against Central Michigan. By then, UB's game with the Bowling Green Falcons will be over and we'll know if it matters or not.