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Khalil Mack Buffalo Pro Day

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Bench 40 Broad
Neutz 14 4.58*
Lee 10
Mack 23 4.49
Oliver 26 4.56
Johnson 4.38 10'8.5
Houston 4.56
Adjei 4.3?
Brim 4.42 10'6.5

Here are the unofficial results from the Buffalo Bulls prod day today. As of 1:00pm EST this is a rather incomplete accounting but I or the other edictors will update it when more information is out there.

Khalil Mack did what he needed to do today. He improved his 40, matched his showing at the bench, and looks more relaxed in the positional drills. Because of this he may have moved in to a solid top 5 but what is certain is he did not drop out of the top 10.

The Biggest winner is Oliver.

BO's 40 and Bench would have put him among the top running backs at the NFL combine and more importantly he looked very good in the field drills.

Najja Johnson had great numbers and may have elevated himself. With scouts from all 32 NFL teams on hand he probably locked up at worst an UDFA camp this summer.

Two CFL teams showed up and Adjei, who was already drafted into the CFL, showed his speed.

Alex Neutz was having a good day until he hit the 40. His first two times were not that great (in the low 4.6 range). He ran a good third try but then tweaked his hamstring which prevented him from field drills.