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Second Match pits Brennan's Bowery vs. Trattoria Aroma

Is Buffalo and Irish/Sports Bar or Italian town? You can vote for Brennan's or Trattoria Aroma on the bottom of this article.

The Buffalo area has amazing food and amazing places to eat. It is time to finally end the debate, what restaurant is the best! You are going to choose the Best Place to Eat in Buffalo. In the first matchup coming out of the Sponge Candy division was two Buffalo restaurant staples. Out of the gate, Anchor Bar and Bocce Club Pizza went head to head. In the first round this may very well be the biggest upset of the whole tournament. Buffalo legendary restaurant Anchor Bar lost in overtime. All tied up and midnight I had to wait for the next vote to decide the match. A fan of Bocce Club cast the deciding vote.


The second head to head matchup from the Sponge Candy division is two restaurants from opposite ends of the spectrum and town. Brennan’s Bowery Bar on the corner of Main & Transit and its opponent is Trattoria Aroma on Bryant between Ashland and Elmwood Ave.

Website for Brennan’s Bowery Bar - Brennan's Web Siter

Brennan’s Bowery Bar was the second venture for David Shatzel. From the article in the TBN, Article on David Shatzel "Back home, he put his military skills of working in heated situations to work as a Buffalo firefighter for six years and in his off-hours tended bar. His goal, he said, was to follow in his parents’ footsteps and own a bar. In the 1960s, he bought a downtown tavern, but it soon closed. Shatzel remained determined and succeeded in 1970 when he opened Brennan’s Bowery Bar, which to this day is one of the region’s best-known taverns.

In 1973, Shatzel purchased Coles, the Elmwood institution and David’s son Mike opened Blue Monk and recently purchased Quaker Bonnet Eatery.

Brennan’s is a comfort food mecca and always feel extremely welcome. Always a happy lively bar. Best Paddy Melt I ever had. Great Irish menu and my cousin loved the Pittsburgh Sirloin Steak.

Menu for Brennan’s Brennan Menu

Website for Trattoria Aroma - Trattoria Aroma Website

Trattoria Aroma is not like the other Italian restaurants you will see later. Farm to table operation and not a red sauce slapped on everything place. A very well thought menu. Also has a brisk bar business and a great wine selection. Speaking of the bar, here is an interview with bartender Heather from a series called Behind the Pine

My first visit to Trattoria Aroma, I sat at the bar next to the very young looking patron who could not put the food in him fast enough. I realized it was new to the area Tyler Myers and when he stood up; I realize that I am a very short man. I have heard that the Sunday brunch is great.

Menu can be downloaded directly from website.

Sponge Candy Bracket


Horseradish Bracket


Loganberry Bracket


Butter Lamb Bracket


Congratulations again to Bocce Club as they sit back and wait their Savory 16 opponent.