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Arizona Cardinals Reportedly Hire Buddy Morris

Recently in my life I have tried to turn over a new leaf. I have a new motto "Don't be that guy"...

Generally what that means is don't always be such a cynic. When someone says "I think I don't want to be a strength and conditioning coach at the NFL level" I try to take them at their word. Days like today make that rather difficult.

Morris got his start in 1980 with the Pitt Panthers under coach Jackie Sherrill. Having attended Pitt he stayed on for a decade before starting up his own private practice. Morris has since worked for Butch Davis with the Cleveland Browns. Then after finding life in the NFL not to his liking he joined Gill at UB in 2006.

The Stache lured Morris away six months after starting at Buffalo. He stayed at Pitt until Wannstedt and his staff were dismissed after the 2010 season.

He came back when Buffalo coach Zach Duval left for Wyoming back in late December.

The first time Morris came to Buffalo he lasted six months. If twitter is to be believed this time Morris lasted less than two.