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Boston College Basketball Coaching Candidate Bobby Hurley

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Update... Something about this tweet rings with total sincerity... Time for the punditocracy (and yes that includes me) so stop guessing about where Hurley will be next season..

Hes going to be at Buffalo!

A couple of days ago we were treated to random internet rumors and buffalo news tweets citing "anonymous sources" that Buffalo Bulls head coach Bobby Hurley was in play for the job opening at Virginia Tech.  Today the twitter chatter about Hurley's future include the job at Boston College.

Early this afternoon our fine friends at BC Interruption confirmed that their coach, Steve Donahue, has been fired and that the Eagles are looking for another coach.

Boston College Fires Steve Donahue - BC Interruption
UPDATE, 2:16 PM: Boston College has confirmed the report and will hold a press conference at 4 PM today to announce the decision.

Shortly after this Chas Wolfe, of prep scouting, tweeted that he saw Bobby Hurley as one of the top ten early names he expected to see and sure enough Coach Hurley was on the list.

The tweet was immediately re-tweeted by none other than UB assistant Basketball Coach Nate Oats.

Editorial Note: I saw a note on the tweet saying "Followed by Nate Oats" and I confused that with "re-tweeted" by Nate Oats...

UB Athletics was goodly enough to correct me on the distinction between the two cases. Wolfe, being who he is, has more than 4,500 followers on Twitter and one of them is Nate Oats. I follow coach Oats and thus I saw a note in my twitter stream connecting Coach Oats and this tweet. But, as I understand it now, it was not a Oats retweet.

Please accept my apology for being a bit slow when it comes to twitter.

I stand by what I said yesterday. I find it hard to believe one season at UB is enough for even Bobby Hurley to land a job in the ACC. It's not impossible but rather unlikely.

In any event even if Hurley is hired away it's a win for Buffalo because he still has four years of his contract left with UB. Hurly would, in effect, be adding a quarter million dollars a year to whatever funds Danny White wants to use to hire the next coach.

White has, whenever the opportunity presented itself, hired big. From Hoops to Volleyball he goes after names that people seem to know.

Last year when Witherspoon was fired and Shannon Evans wavered in his commitment to play at UB white went out and found a coach who got a re-commitment within 24 hours. I'm pretty sure having more money this time around would empower him to go find another name, and White is rather connected.

So get used to this UB fans. So long as Hurley is at Buffalo his name will be mentioned for just about every job opening in College Hoops.No job is going to be so big that Hurley is not mentioned and eventually he will end up somewhere nobody expected him to go. It's Turner Gill, the Basketball edition, just sit back and enjoy the ride for as many years as Hurley is here.