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Bobby Hurley and Virginia Tech

Let's be honest UB wins either way...

Adam Hunger

Recently a lot of "legitimate" writers like Bob D of the Buffalo News are saying they hear the rumble of Virginia Tech footprints heading toward Alumni Arena in search of Bobby Hurley.

I've been wrong on things like this before but I'm still going to stick my neck out and say I don't see it happening. Hurley has two years as an Assistant, one year as a head coach, and has not been to the dance in either role. Why would an ACC team hire such an unproven coach.

Hurley's play at Duke and his pedigree as a coach may have earned him a job in the Mid Majors. Truth be known if UB had made the dance this year I fully expect Hurley might be on a plane heading towards a big pay day job somewhere else.  But we did not so Hurley, with all of his upside, is still a guy who has one decent year of coaching in the MAC under his belt.

The first I saw of this rumor was over on where a troll was mentioning this a week and half ago. The poster in question swore Hurley had already interviewed and it was a done deal. Today you have Bob D. To me it still smells like a joke that evolved into a rumor. The only sign I see that *MAYBE* there is something to this would be UB turning down the CIT.

Truth or fiction either way UB wins big.

If Hurley does go to VT he still owes four years of his contract to Buffalo. That would be a seven figure influx into the coffers in Amherst which could be used to hire the next big name coach or cover about 5% of the field house budget. If Hurley is a one and done coach he is one who certainly will have enriched the program's checking account.

If Hurley sticks around Buffalo can look forward to his good recruiting and hope his name continues to help shine a spotlight on the program. It was sad to not win the conference but when all is said and done it was a decent transition year.

Either way White's hire looks good in the short run.