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Yahoo NCAA Bracket Challenge

Want to win a Kraken Shirt? Want to try and care about College Basketball for a few more weeks?

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If you want the quick steps here hey are


Here is a link to the Bull Run Store

You don't want to read about the NCAA tournament right now...

I get it, I really understand how you feel. For the second year in a row the Bulls were unable to snag an invite to any of the four NCAA post season tournaments. Losing early in the MACC to EMU costs us the NCAA. Losing to Ball State and Bowling Green costs Buffalo the NIT and perhaps losing to Niagara cost Buffalo the CBI or the CIT.

But this year Game Day Depot wants to help you ease out of hoops season with a Bracket challenge which includes a T-Shirt giveaway. Just join our pool and win. Here is the Link for Bull Run Pick'em on Yahoo

To be eligible, you must adhere by the following rules. You must also be a member of Mid-Major Madness when the contest begins.

You will also need to sign up with GameDay Depot so that they know who wins the shirt. Why sign up? Well in the past people have tried to play on multiple sites and our benevolent sponsors at GameDay depot would like to put an end to that.

Good luck!