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Sadness Haikus

Because now it's midnight and it's not like anything's going to make me happy anyway.

player of the year
seven points and thirteen boards, 
mantis shuts him down

ten point advantage
next steps? let them back in it
what we've done all year

a silver lining
and chance for schadenfreude
Flashes, 'cats out, too

jarod the season'd vet
three of ten from floor tonight
there's no 'i' in team

would be too easy
to say 'bad refs' - don't worry
we lose on our own

let's start the countdown
to the complaining - Bob D
drove through jam for this?

game started at nine
now too late to drink sadness
no beer anyway

UB in the Q
we expected something else?
goodnight, Buffalo

at least Kiper loves Mack
but are we kidding ourselves
jags are death sentence

Add yours in the comments. It helps, I swear.