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Buffalo Bulls Senior Day Top Ten

UB Athletics

10. Momma McCrea stepping in to escort Corey Raley-Ross during the Senior Day Ceremony

9. Gandalf from the Pep Band's all-male cheer team, the UB Danglers

8. Kristen Sharkey in the first half and Mackenzie Loesing in the second.

7. Hurley starting all 5 seniors - and Auraum draining a three early in his last game of a tough season.

6. Only 5 turnovers.

5. True Blue filling the house. Everyone filling the house.

4. Alexus Malone's beaming smile after hitting consecutive threes, which nailed Kent's coffin shut just minutes after the freshman forward was in tears on the bench getting her ankle treated.

3. The smiles on the faces of Margeaux Gupilan and Jenna Rickan as they came off the court for the last time.

2. Evans to Moss, on Moss' head-nod of a signal and with some help from Mr. Glass. Moss' second dunk, another put back, that served as UB's final point

1. Javon McCrea: Senior Day ceremony. 13-18 from the field - including almost too many mid-range jumpers - and 7-10 from the line for a career-high 34 points. The physical dominance and sheer will that got him the last 7 or 10 of those points. The STEP BACK THREE. The standing ovation when he walked off the court for the last time.