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On LaMonta Stone

Thoughts on the Bowling Green Assistant Coach's actions Sunday against UB.

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This post is now a couple days, a ton of recruiting posts, and even another basketball game separated from its muse, but better late than never. In Sunday's game against Bowling Green, UB forward Javon McCrea was assessed with a Technical Foul late in the first half that proved more than important as the Bulls gave up a late lead on the road.

From that Sunday's Instant Reactions:

Additionally, a back and forth late in the half left a sour taste in Buffalo mouths. After Javon McCrea was called for a travel on the offensive end, he apparently got into some sort of a shouting match with Bowling Green assistant coach LaMonta Stone. I can't remember the specifics, but I know this is not the first or even second time in McCrea's career that opposing coaches have talked directly to him.

Anyway, the end result of this was double technicals on McCrea and the Bowling Green Bench. Which is garbage. Because UB was in the double bonus already, the tech on the Falcons meant nothing, while Javon had to be reigned in and plopped into an offense-defense rotation with Justin Moss to avoid picking up a third foul before the half.

This whole sequence is nothing short of trash. I'm willing to listen to folks who will say that McCrea should know better, but there is no place here for a coach to speak to, much less shout at, an opposing player. And there's certainly no way that that opposing coach - who is a lot older and more experienced than McCrea - should reap all the benefits of goading a 22 year old into a response.

I can't really say it better than that: Setting Javon's actions aside, there is no place for an assistant coach, or really any staff member, to speak to an opposing player during a game. That's something you have to set aside when you turn, oh, let's say, 24. If a UB player gets T'd up because he reacts to a particularly effective student section, that's part of the game, and quite frankly, I expect all student sections to everything they can to make that happen. But that's something you do in your early 20s, not once you've graduated to a Division 1 coaching position.

And of course, this had literally no impact on Bowling Green at all. For Javon, it was his second of five precious fouls, and got Bowling Green one notch closer to the bonus. For Stone and Bowling Green, it meant absolutely nothing. UB was already in the double bonus, and a bench technical doesn't contribute towards any individual player's disqualification.

It appears that using an assistant coach to goad opposing players into reactions is a useful strategy, provided your team has already committed ten fouls in the half. And that, dear reader, is the sign of some serious bull.

The MAC does not appear to have a published Sportsmanship policy, but this doesn't pass the eye test.

I'm not the only on who feels this way, though:

From UBfan:

the BULL SHAT that occurred in the first half when the asst coach for BG embarrassed himself by getting into it with a UB player that being Javon. There is absolutely no place for that in any sport any time anywhere. ... apparently [Hurley] went after [Stone] at halftime. If I'm a player I have to like the fact that my head coach has my back.

A pair of notable (for UB Fans) Twitter users:

Ohio fans on Bobcatattack:

Huge moment of the game is when BG assistant LaMonta Stone and Javon McRae are called for double-technicals for jawing at each other.   IMO that's complete crap.  Buffalo gets a personal foul to one of their best players and BG essentially isn't penalized at all.  McRae then fouls out with the Beefs holding a two point lead and they collapse thanks in no small part by the aforementioned Hurley technical.  Hurley and Stone got into a heated exchange after the technicals.

bornacatfan wrote:
Given the ramping up of Stone's antics.....Tommy and him had words in the handshake line ( I think IIRC TF said "you a grown ass man, you need to STFU and quit talking to players") this goes back....The MAC office needs to step in and have a discussion. HE has done this at several schools now so it is not isolated and has become disruptive. Like stated, it cost a PF on one of Buffs better players.

The MAC should issue directives to the officials to call technicals on coaches talking to opposing players.  There is no reason a coach should be talking to opposing players. The way it stands they are rewarding Stone for his behavior.

From MAC fans representing all schools at

what's up with BG's assistant coach starting crap with players? He got javon T'd up in the first half and was running his mouth all game. Last year he did the same at Ohio and in the handshake line he got into a shoving match with an Ohio coach and Orr's son had to drag him to the locker room. This guy seems like a punk.

Oh, and this isn't the first time Stone has done this. Check out this thread from, once again, Bobcatattack.

I want to emphasize that I do not think this call or Coach Stone's actions were the reason UB lost the game. Javon's 5th foul was not a bad call, and Hurley has to keep his composure in that situation even if he did get screwed earlier. But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't only point out garbage behavior when it's meaningful.

But, what can we expect?


Bowling Green comes to Alumni Arena on Saturday March 8. It is Senior Day. It is likely Javon McCrea's final game in the Big A, and it is against LaMonta Stone. Mark your calendars now Bulls fans.