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National Signing Day Top Five "Names" of the Buffalo Class

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

Skylar Hartley

For one it sounds like a Superhero's secret Identity. Secondly I've never known anyone named Skylar before.

Andy Fidler

Because the Bermanesq call of Andy "Fiddler on the Roof" needs to be spoken by a UB color commentator.

August Schwartzmeier

Because he comes with the built in nick name "Gusty". When a guy brings his own nickname to the game, and it's that good he has to make the list.

Gusty gets bonus points for the last name... Becaues any time you can tell someone "I'm hanging out with Schwartzmeier" you instantly sound cool.

J.R. Zazzara

Zazzara.... By far one of the coolest last names I have ever heard. Putting J.R. in front of that name...Enough said.

Randy Anyanwu

I like names which are easy to say but the spelling confuses the heck out of people. Names like "Riordan" and "Anyanwu" fit the Bill. It's selfish of me but we love ripping on announcers during UB game threads so when they try to yell "What a play by Anyanwu" on ESPN we all get a chuckle.