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Buffalo 35, Bowling Green 36, At The Half

BGSU shot 7-12 from downtown in a high scoring first half while UB started the day shooting 1 of 8, but finished the half hot, shooting 12 of 21.

UB took their first lead at 31-29 on a Jenna Rickan layup, and took a 35-34 lead with 22 seconds remaining on a pair of Alexus Malone free throws. A BGSU layup late and a UB miss at the buzzer led to the score at the half, BGSU 36, Buffalo 35.

UB is led in scoring by Mackenzie Loesing with 12, and Alexus Malone with 10. Margeaux Gupilan and Kristen Sharkey have 2 fouls each.

Bowling Green was led by Alexis Rogers with 13 points and Erica Donovan with 18 (and 4-6 from three).

In the fight for a double bye this game is huge for Buffalo. Buffalo is 4 back of the triple-bye with 5 games remaining and a win keeps the Bulls alive for the unlikely triple-bye, however a win is needed to keep UB in the hunt for the double-bye, and keeps the pressure on #3 Akron in anticipation of the game at Alumni Arena on March 5.

  1. CMU 12-1 (at 4-9 NIU) Tonight at 8pm
  2. BGSU 12-1 (at Buffalo) 36-35 halftime
  3. Akron 10-3 (at 3-10 Ohio) 41-30 halftime
  4. Buffalo 8-5 (at BGSU) 35-36 halftime
  5. Toledo 8-5 (vs 6-7 WMU) Tomorrow at 2pm