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Millionaire Dollar Days

Mr. Mack is making the combine and the NFL draft very special for Bulls fans. Here is what the 2013 season and 2014 Combine mean to Khalil.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The buzz on Khallil was starting to churn in the off season especially with Mack possibly setting three NCAA records in his senior season.  The knock on Mack was the level of competition.  The 'experts' had Mack going late second round to somewhere in the third.  That all changed the first game of the season against Ohio State.  Mack owes Danny White a field house for taking a pay day game.  The play that blew up the twiiterverse and NFL executives and scouts was the interception touchdown.  Can watch the video and read more about Mack here Great article also on Mack.

That single game vaulted Mack in the top ten.  It certainly helped that this was a nationally televised game and against the then #2 rated team.  Vaulting Mack in the first round is critical with the new rookie salary cap.  The day of throwing giant contracts with guarantees to Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford are gone.  Look at Jake Long in 2008 at $57.75 Mil, 2009 Mathew Stafford at $72 Mil, to Andrew Luck at $22 Mil in 2012.   Big differance.

I agree with the implementation of the rookie wage scale.  The owners needed to be treated like little children with a $20 burning a hole in their pocket in a candy store.  Cam Newton signed a deal that was over $50 Mil less than Sam Bradford.  Here is where it gets interesting for Khallil.  All rookies sign a four-year contract.  Each team has a rookie amount and the difference between 1st round and the rest of the rounds is staggering.  Looking back the last two seasons, typically the first round draft choice signs for $15 - $20 Mil while the second round is $2 to $3 Mil.  That is a drastic difference.

The next big "Millionaire Dollar Day" is this coming Monday at the NFL combine.  This Monday is the day when the defensive lineman and linebackers are poked and prodded and every clocked time and hip movement is totally scrutinized.  This is a very big day for Mack to stay where he is currently projected and to maybe move up a couple of spots.  Mack sits in the current position where financially Mack can be set for life.  Mack is going to play football on Sundays.  The Ohio State game and Monday will determine how much he gets paid.