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Hockey Night In Amherst - UB Must Win Big

Buffalo vs

Date/Time Feb 14 2014 7:30 PM
North Town Center, Amherst New York

Fast Hockey $$
Radio WRUB

Like it or not arbitrary polls and complicated  computer models have a lot to do with who plays in championships and championship tournaments. Be it the big money BCS or the "love of the sport" ACHA at some point peoples perception matters.

This week UB slipped into the top 18 in the ACHA mens division one poll. They got there because Mercyhurst and Illinois had a terrible weekend last time around. Now for UB to hold onto 18 through the 21st of February they need their one game against Ithica to leave an impression that will out shine the four games of Mercyhurst and the three games of Illinois.

To make this even more challenging Ithaca is not a very good squad this season. So something like a 4-3 win would mean that the Bulls may need help.

UB does not just need to win this game they need to make a statement.

It's also senior night... About four years ago Bull Run started covering hockey and guys like Tim Better were pups. Now they are playing their last league home game with a shot at nationals on the line.