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Buffalo Future Facilities Improvements

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Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

We will be dining on this among the editorial staff and throwing some things up in the next day or so... Something we love and there is some things that some people don't love... Want to know what 4 UB fans's think? Visit bak later on.

Buffalo released a 20 page facilities improvement plan and here is the 10,000 foot view.

  • Track is moved to Kuntz Field, and in its place is a sideline patio.
  • Phase two of the sideline improvements add more seats to the lower levels
  • Field house will be a "barn" at the north west side of the stadium.
  • Soccer will have it's own field house north of the stadium
  • The tennis center will be next to the soccer stadium
  • The new baseball field will be next to that

I've said that UB needs to take on something akin to What UCF spent the late 90's and 00's doing and this is certainly close...