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MAC Blogger Roundtable

1. Who should get the awards:

  • Offensive Player of the Year - It's hard not to go with Frohnapfel from UMass. Not only was he about the best QB in the MAC he was also far adn away the most important to his teams success. With Frohnapfel UMass was a middling MAC team, without him they were a joke.
  • Defensive Player of the Year - Meehan of Northern Illinois. The NIU dynasty may have produced some star offensive power but since the days of Larry English NIU has been driven by their defense.
  • Special Teams Player of the Year - You dont get to Detroit withou special teams so I have to go with Bowling Green's Burbrink.
  • Freshman of the Year - Jarvion Franklin made a strong ase for POY so I have to give him the FOY
  • Coach of the Year - Fleck... DAMN IT....

2. Predict the championship game outcome.

  • Bowling Green is about where they were last season and NIU is considerably weaker. I say BGSU 31, NIU 17.

3. Predict the MAC bowl invitations....

  • GoDaddy Bowl:  NIU
  • Potato Bowl:  Ohio (They should sit home but they won't)
  • Bahamas Bowl:  Bowling Green
  • Camelia Bowl:  WMU
  • Boca Raton Bowl:  Toledo