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AAC Week: The American is a Better Fit for Buffalo Academics

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UB is expected to earn $650,000 - $1,000,000 annually from the television deal with the MAC.

The American conference brings in 20 million dollars annually, for 12 teams, that would mean $1,666,666 annually.

Moving to the American would thus mean an increase of two-thirds of a million to a million dollars each year.

However it seems most of that increase would be eaten up by football coach costs. Quinn made about $325,000 the lowest paid coach in the American makes $700,000. The median salary is 1.3 million.

Thus, a move to the American could fund the purchase of a more accomplished football coach, and/or give us the financial standing to retain our coach if he proves to be successful. Travel costs and any additional basketball costs would have to be absorbed by the University.

As said before in the comments, the real financial difference will be in how a move to the American resonates with UB alumni and Buffalo fans. If it is seen as progress, donations will follow.


UB is an AAU member, and would be the American's second AAU university joining Tulane. The only other mid-major AAU university is Rice. Houston is already represented in the American (University of Houston) therefore Buffalo is the best candidate to improve the academic profile for the American conference.

Based on US News Rankings, The American gives Buffalo (ranked 103) the opportunity to improve their academic profile, and UB would be the fourth ranked school in the American Conference.

54 Tulane Miami 76
58 Uconn Ohio 129
88 Tulsa Ball st 173
121 Temple BGSU 173
129 Cincinnati WMU 173
161 USF CMU 194
173 UCF Kent 194
189 Houston NIU 194
121.625 AVERAGE 163.25
125 MEDIAN 173

The American gives UB the chance to enhance their status: Financially, Academically in student and alumni perception, in recruiting and in public perception.

The MAC is the most stable conference in the country because it isn't creating programs that are able to improve. The American gives Buffalo the best chance to compete on a national level.