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MAC Blogger Roundtable - Falcon Blog

1.  The MAC has 3 freshman in the top 10 in rushing yards and only 1 in receiving yards.  Do you think RB is an easier position to break in, or is it just something about these specific guys?

I do think that a receiver has a lot more to learn when moving to a new team/scheme than a running back does. It's also true that a running back who starts, no matter what class, is going to see a higher percentage of the running workload than a receiver will see of the passing workload.

I don't know that I would say that makes it easier "to break in" but it can give them a leg up in starting their college careers.

2,  Only 3 MAC teams have kickers making 80% of their FG attempts.  Are you surprised the kicking in the MAC isn't better?

I'm shocked and have no reasonable expectation for the problems. We can't blame a lack of talent across the league because some kickers have shown promise only to fall apart this season.

Patrick Clarke was amazing for his first two seasons at Buffalo. Then he was just good last year. His best days were his freshman and sophomore year.

This season whenever Clarke goes out for a field goal it's a crapshoot. Is MAC special teams coaching actually making kickers worse?

3.  Quentin Rollins leads the MAC in interceptions.  I know the two-sport athlete is nearly completely gone but do you think there are a lot of players on your football team who could start at another sport for your school?

I think the number of players who could be legit Division One stars in both football and hoops is very small because those are the sports into which many of the best athletes are funneled.

I'm sure there are a number of football players who may have been good enough at an Olympic sport to be scholarship athletes. Sports like Track, Soccer, Wrestling, and perhaps swimming and baseball.

As to Rollins I think that his numbers are deceptive. His four picks came during Weeks Two, Three, and Four. He's not had a pick or a pass defended in the past three weeks. No doubt he is a good DB, perhaps an All-MAC level player but there are a lot of DBs in the conference I would take ahead of him were the MAC to have a draft.