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Next Questions for UB Football Coach Lance Leipold

With the big question out of the way, the next questions we need answers to from our new coach.

1) When Does He Start?

UW-Whitewater is still in the playoffs, however we need him in Buffalo to recruit...especially as we've been permanent coach-less for two months.

2) Who Does He Keep?

Alex Wood made a strong case to stay as he stabilized the team over this past month and the offense has been pretty good the last two years.

Matt Simon and Adam Shorter have to be considered as UB has run well no matter who grabbed the carries over the last three years. BO, Murie, Jean, Campbell, Johnson, Potts and Taylor were all coached up and ready to play.

Hard to imagine keeping anyone on defense however.

3) Who Will Be The Recruiting Coordinator?

After almost a decade in D-3, Leipold will shift from big fish in the small pond to the small fish in he big pond. Talent is the name of the game and Leipold doesn't have the name recognition outside of the Plains to bring in top recruits. Thus, his recruiting coordinator could be the most important hire for the UB Bulls

4) Who Will He Bring?

Are there any players at Whitewater who will come to Buffalo and try to compete for a job?

Leipold coached with former UB DC Jimmy Williams at Nebraska in 2003, does he bring Williams back?

5) What Will Be His Slogan?

Turner Gill made us "UBelieve"

Jeff Quinn made us feel disposable with "Next Bull In"

and famously probable 2014 MAC Coach of the Year PJ Fleck confused us with "Row The Boat"

What will Leipold's slogan be?

From twitter I've seen UW-W use #poundtherock, which would be appropriate for UB as we have been successful when we run well the past three years.