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Buffalo Bulls Olympic Sports: Olympic Spotlight Show

It's Sunday, which means it's time to rundown the weekend in UB Olympic Sports. Unlike other, higher-profile teams, nobody in our world had any games cancelled this weekend, but that doesn't mean the weather wasn't a factor.

Both Swimming and Diving teams missed the first day of the Cleveland State Magnus Invitational, while Volleyball had to travel all the way to Atlanta to get to the MAC Championships in Athens, Ohio. Wrestling was thankfully spared, as they got to Cornell today without issue.

On the docket tonight as we hit the lightest stretch of the year:

Tune in at 10:30 PM, or if it's not 10:30 PM on Sunday when you're reading this, tune in now!

UPDATE: If you're catching us later:

Weekend Rundown: 1:00

Highlight Sport: Wrestling: 3:30

Highlight Sport: Swimming and Diving: 12:30

General Banter

-Swimming and Diving relative to MAC:21:00, but I need to do research on this answer

-Volleyball, the WMU match, looking forward, and WMU's upset of Ohio tonight: 24:30

-Back to Wrestling; asking John about tournament points: 36:45

-Volleyball; incoming recruit: 38:20

-Wrestling; incoming recruit and connections:41:40

This Week in Bull: 45:00