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Buffalo Bulls Game Day Record Watch

Buffalo Bulls Record Watch

Here at Bull Run we're going to give you a slight reprieve from all the talk about Buffalo's record 6 feet of snow in 24 hours. Instead lets warm up by talking about some football records.

The anemic offensive streak came to an end last week and as a result several UB players made big moves in Buffalo's record book.

Joe Licata's four strikes broke his tie with Drew Willy. The Junior Quarterback now has 56 touchdown passes. He also moved up in completions, passing Marty Barrett.

Given the weather in Buffalo I doubt that Licata gets the 22 completions tonight he would need to pass Scott, thus moving into #2 all time but with two games left I expect UB's quarterback gets those completions before the year is up.

Where he is not going to move up tonight, or even this year, is in yards yards.

Taylor may benefit from the maelstrom which has descended upon Amherst. Already in the top 10 in carries and yards he could hit top 10 in touchdowns before the season is over.

Tonight its safe to assume he moves up a bit in carries and perhaps scores a TD to move up.

As it will be hard for Joe Licata it will be hard for UB's receivers. Because Willoughby is still down in the 20's any work will show some bump but it's doubtful he catches up to Devon Hughes in any category.

On Defense Skinner continues his climb. Top 10 in solo tackles is achievable this year, next up is #12, Justin Winters.

Courtney Lester is just one pass breakup behind Mark Graham for number two all time/

Perhaps the weather is best for Adam Redden. His is one forced fumble and one fumble recover away from being top 3 in both categories.

The weather is sloppy and cold so a good strip and recovers would put into a tie for third on forced fumbles and recoveries. If he manages the feat twice he will be tied for first in recoveries and second, way behind Khalil Mack, in forced fumbles.