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UB Bulls Bowl Game Weekend Rooting Interests - Round 2

Vaughn Ridley

After the first round of rooting against teams to back into a bowl game, I found out two things.

1) Many in UB nation are afraid to hope

2) Many in UB nation don't know the updated bowl rules.

Let's go over this again.

IF there are not enough eligible teams for the bowl spots, then slots are opened up to quasi-eligible teams, I call these teams "grey-eligible"

First preference will be given to a 6-6 team that defeated two FCS teams. Right now Buffalo is the only eligible team in that category. Thus, if there is an open spot, UB should get it.

So we need three things to keep bowl hopes alive.

1) Beat Kent

2) Beat UMass

3) Hope there is an unfilled bowl spot when the season ends.

There will be 76 bowl teams in 2014.

Bowl Eligible

Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
51 60 ?? ?? ?? ??

Teams in the Hunt Actual and Projection (including UB)

Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
42 32 16 3 1 1

Spots remaining: Actual and Projection

Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 Week 16
25 16 7 -2 -3 -3

A few games didn't break UB's way, but a new week is a new opportunity. 30 teams are fighting for 14 bowl spots, and UB hopes 17 of those 30 teams to fail to reach bowl eligibility.

I project there will be 79 bowl eligible teams, which means UB would not go bowling, so Buffalo needs a few games to break their way in the next few weeks.

The best case scenario after week 13 is for 9 teams to eliminate themselves from bowl consideration with only 2 teams becoming bowl eligible. In the best case scenario, we'd go into the final full week of the college football season with 21 teams in the hunt for the final 14 bowl spots.

Your week 13 UB Bowl Hail Mary rooting guide:

Winning Team Losing Team Reason Result
Umass Akron Akron attains eligibility with a win over Kent, a loss an they stay home Akron over Umass
NIU Ohio Ohio attains eligiblity with a win over Miami, a loss and they stay home NIU over Ohio
Buffalo Kent Buffalo must win out Cancelled Thanks Mid-Ohio Athletic Conference
Duke UNC Puts UNC 1 game away from elimination UNC over Duke, UNC eligible
Arkansas St Texas St Puts Texas St 1 game away from elimination Texas State over Ark st, Texas St eligible
Air Force SDSU Puts SDSU 1 game away from elimination
Washington Oregon St Assuming OSU loses to Oregon
Cal Stanford Assuming Stanford loses to UCLA
Maryland Michigan Puts Michigan 1 game away from elimination
Penn State Illinois Eliminates Illinois
Purdue Northwestern Eliminates Northwestern
Marshall UAB Puts UAB 1 game away from elimination
UTSA WKU Puts WKU 1 game away from elimination
EKU Florida Prevents Florida from gaining eligibility
South Alabama South Carolina Puts USC 1 game away from elimination
Wake Va Tech Puts Va Tech 1 game away from elimination
La Tech ODU eliminates ODU
Tulsa Houston Prevents Houston from gaining eligibility
Ole Miss Arkansas Puts Arkansas one game away from elimination
Syracuse Pittsburgh eliminates Pitt
Memphis USF eliminates USF
Miami UVA eliminates Virginia
FAU Midd Tenn Puts MTSU one game away from elimination
Baylor Oklahoma State puts Oklahoma State one game away from elimination
Missouri Tennessee puts Tennessee one game away from elimination
Boise St Wyoming Eliminates Wyoming
Nevada Fresno St eliminates Fresno