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UB Bulls Bowl Game Weekend Rooting Interests

With our MACtion out of the way on Tuesday, what should we root for during this college football week? Well lets root for a Bowl Game...

Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

As UB has failed to reach the magic number of 7 wins, but can still easily get to the semi-magic number of six wins, UB is rooting for teams to fail to reach bowl eligibility.

There will be 76 bowl teams in 2014.

51 Teams have already become bowl eligible.

Leaving 25 vacancies that UB hopes are not filled.

After looking at every bowl eligible team's schedule, I have concluded that 8 teams will inevitable become bowl eligible.

That means 42 teams, are chasing the final 17 bowl spots. To keep UB's hopes alive, 16 or fewer teams need to make it.

Your week 12 UB Bowl Hail Mary rooting guide:

Date Winner Loser Reason
Wed 11/12 Umass over Ball State Eliminates Ball State
Thurs 11/13 ECU over Cincy Keeps Cincy non-eligible
USC over Cal Keeps Cal non-eligible
Friday 11/14 Tulsa over UCF Keeps UCF non-eligible
Saturday 11/15 Duke over Va Tech Puts Tech one loss away from elimination
Penn St over Temple Keeps Temple non-eligble, makes PSU eligible
WKU over Army Eliminates Army
Iowa over Illinois Puts Illini one loss away from elimination
Florida over South Carolina Makes Florida eligible, puts USC one loss from elimination
Pitt over UNC Puts UNC one loss from elimination
TCU over Kansas Eliminates Kansas
Wake over NC State Puts NC State one loss from elimination
Arizona over Washington
Notre Dame over Northwestern Eliminates Northwestern
GA South over Navy Puts Navy one loss from elimination
Memphis over Tulane Eliminates Tulane
FIU over Midd Tenn
Oklahoma over Texas Tech Eliminates Texas Tech
Indiana over Rutgers
Utah st over New Mexico Eliminates New Mexico
Tennessee over Kentucky Puts Kentucky one loss away from elimination
Hawaii over SJSU Eliminates SJSU
Utah over Stanford
ULL over ULM Eliminates ULM
Texas st over South Alabama - Makes Tex St Eligible
LSU over Arkansas Puts Arkansas one loss away from elimination
N Texas over UTEP
Boise over San Diego St
Arizona st over Oregon St Puts OSU one loss away from elimination

If every result follows the table:

3 teams will earn bowl eligibility and 9 teams will be eliminated from bowl contention.

Resulting in 38 teams chasing 22 spots.

Minus 5 more estimated shoo-ins, it leaves 33 teams chasing 17 spots.

The chance is slim, but there is still a chance.