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Buffalo at Eastern Michigan Press Conference and Depth Chart

Does back to back 200 yard games earn you a spot on the press conference? Or would a better reward be a day off? I'm not quite sure, but Quinn could not have been more pleased to bring Anthone Taylor out for this week's press conference.

Any good press conference right now has to start with a pointed question about our defense followed by an evasive answer disguised as a joke. When Quinn was asked what concerned him about his defense he simply said the number of points and yards given up.

But he went on to talk about he he believed Cortney Lester and Boise Ross were each stepping up as corners as the season went on. And to Quinn's credit I think he is right. Our corner play was horrendous in the early weeks of the season and it's progressed to just pretty bad.

Aside from the defense the real whipping boy is the special teams. Quinn called out each and every phase of the unit as badly in need of improvement after UB's loss to Bowling Green.

Anthone Taylor was the guest this week and pulled out a great quote which he credited to Branden Oliver.

"Play every game as if it were your last game"

Depth Chart

Boise Ross is no longer the "backup" corner. He now shares the starting role with Dwellie Striggles. The only other change is that Martinez is back as the backup punt returner..