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The New National Champions (of Canada): The TCU Horned Frogs

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

There is a new Traveling Canadian Champion of College Football. The TCU Horned Frogs.

Our good froggy friends via common enemy can enjoy an even sweeter victory, not only are they in the Big XII drivers seat, but they are now Canada's College Football Team.

Speaking of common enemy, former Canadian Champion Baylor attempts to become only the 4th two-time Canadian Champion, as Baylor and TCU face off this Saturday in Waco.

Random Stat: The Canadian Championship has been lost 22 times. 9 of those 22 times occured in the month of October.

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Think...Ottawa REDBLACKS

The Ottawa Rough Riders were founded in 1876 and were a CFL tradition. The Rough Riders won nine Grey Cups, including five under the direction of former UB Head Coach Frank Clair. In 1996, the Ottawa Rough Riders folded as a franchise...think of this as the Southwest Conference.

Ottawa returned as the Ottawa Renegades in 2002, think of this as the WAC/MTN years. The Renegades suspended play after only four seasons.

In 2014, the REDBLACKS brought football back to Ottawa, think of this as the "return" to the Big XII. Why REDBLACKS? Well I don't know why all caps, but the name was changed as Saskatchewan, also known as the Roughriders, prevented Ottawa from using the name, think of Saskatchewan as Baylor. Ottawa is experiencing growing pains (currently 2-11, last in CFL) but will no doubt flourish quickly as TCU has since their move to the power 5 conference.

Travelling Canadian Championship
Teams Won Lost Days defeated
TCU 10/4/14 Oklahoma
Oklahoma 12/7/13 10/4/14 301 Oklahoma State
Oklahoma State 11/23/13 12/7/13 14 Baylor
Baylor 11/17/12 11/23/13 371 Kansas State
Kansas State 10/27/12 11/17/12 21 Texas Tech
Texas Tech 10/13/12 10/27/12 14 WVU
WVU 1/4/12 10/13/12 283 Clemson
Clemson 12/3/11 1/4/12 32 Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech 11/10/11 12/3/11 23 Georgia Tech
Georgia Tech 10/29/11 11/10/11 12 Clemson
Clemson 9/17/11 10/29/11 42 Auburn
Auburn 12/4/10 9/17/11 287 South Carolina
South Carolina 11/13/10 12/4/10 21 Florida
Florida 10/30/10 11/13/10 14 Georgia
Georgia 10/23/10 10/30/10 7 Kentucky
Kentucky 10/16/10 10/23/10 7 South Carolina
South Carolina 10/9/10 10/16/10 7 Alabama
Alabama 10/2/10 10/9/10 7 Florida
Florida 9/11/10 10/2/10 21 USF
USF 1/2/10 9/11/10 252 NIU
Uconn 1/3/09 1/2/10 364 Buffalo
Rutgers 1/5/08 1/3/09 364 Ball St
Cincinnati 1/6/07 1/5/08 364 WMU

As an aside, I'm taking this opportunity to talk about how much I dislike Bob Stoops.

Last year, Wes Lunt decided to transfer from Oklahoma State, and a story leaked about Mike Gundy listing dozens of schools where Lunt was not allowed to transfer to. Allowing coaches to control players who are done with the program is another one of those rules meant to protect the game, but can be abused.

Bob Stoops went on record in support of Gundy, as reported by David Ubben on, and every coach who restricts a kid from transferring and said he doesn't support a player's choice to transfer.

"It isn’t right that they can just do what they want to do," Stoops said. "It isn’t good. I don’t believe in it."

Stoops argued that players sign letters of intent with schools and not coaches, so even a coaching change shouldn't make it OK for players to leave. He acknowledged that tampering does happen with players, and if players were allowed to transfer without sitting out a year, that illegal act would be encouraged.

Stoops felt that without the rule requiring transfers to sit out a year of football, a program tampering with another program's athletes would be encouraged.

A year later, 2012's #1 overall recruit Dorial Green-Beckham was kicked off Missouri's football team. Stoops who was against players changing teams for personal reasons, was fine with a player changing teams because he allegedly failed drug tests and allegedly engaged in domestic violence.

But at least Green-Beckham would sit out the year, and perhaps mature right? Wrong, Stoops, who talked about the importance of the one-year rule, filed an appeal with the NCAA to allow Green-Beckham to play immediately. The NCAA denied the appeal, but Green-Beckham remains a member of the Oklahoma team. This also comes as former Stoops athlete Adrian Peterson is at risk of losing his career due to domestic violence and OU running back was caught on tape in August punching a woman. There are more examples, like Larry Birdine.

Bob Stoops is a hypocrite who is only out for himself. No matter what he may say, this man who is in charge of shaping many young men's lives, teaches those men that winning is more important than anything else. His track record is starting to show that his athletes are failing in life because of his attitude. As Oklahoma continues to lose ground in the Big XII, logic dictates that Stoops will become more hypocritical to continue winning. If ignoring the dangers of head injuries despite the modern climate is reason for Hoke to be fired. Then actively supporting a culture of domestic violence should get Bob Stoops fired.