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UB Bulls Olympic Sports Weekend Roundup

Join LBI host Dave and Bull Run Olympic Sports Guru Matt to catch up on this past weekend in Bulls Olympic sports in a new weekly feature on Bull Run.

Hi everybody,

We're trying something new this week that will hopefully stick. On my rewatch of last week's Last Bull In videocast I realized that I talked Olympic Sports for twelve minutes. Even with the support of the rest of the guys, that's too long for an hour show. So I've decided to start doing an Olympic sports roundup each Sunday or Monday that cover the past weekend in UB Land, and then I can stick to highlights and a reasonable amount of time on the Big Boy Last Bull In.

Our savvy host Dave has agreed to help out, which only increases the watchability.

This post isn't going to supplant either the soccer or volleyball roundups that come your way every Tuesday and Wednesday. It will just keep you in the loop with each weekend of UB sports sooner. It's perfect if you just want to know how UB's doing and not read through any other articles.