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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports

The top three remain unchanged but boy did each of them do their damnedest to lose. NIU, Toledo, and Bowling Green won their games by just a combined 5 points.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 NIU 1 0 It was not the blowout that many expected but NIU is still King of the Hill. (17-14)
2 Toledo 2 0 Toledo needed a 4th quarter comeback and overtime to beat Western Michigan (20-19)
3 BGSU 3 0 Bowling Green completed the "barely escaping trifecta" with their narrow win over Buffalo. (36-35)
4 Akron 4 0 After a slow start in the 4th Quarter the Zips moved to 3-2 by pummeling Eastern Michigan.
5 CMU 8 3 The Chips downed Ohio, moved to 3-3, and maybe cooled down the seat of Dan Enos a bit
6 WMU 7 1 WMU rowed the boat into overtime but 3 Toledo turnovers were negated by the Broncos failed PAT in OT.
7 Ohio 5 -2 It might be time to break out the "R" word in Ohio. It's not time to panic yet but clearly some rebuilding is happening.
8 Buffalo 8 0 Buffalo had a chance to put Bowling Green in a hurt lock only to miss a late field goal, and maybe lose their chance at the East.
9 Ball State 6 -3 The Cards are free falling and might land on their first losing season under Pete Lembo
10 Miami 11 1 I'd like to move them up more for a 20 point comeback win but for now they settle in as "the best of the rest"
11 Kent 12 1 Strong showing against NIU. If they can bring that defense the rest of the season they will win some games.
12 UMass 9 -3 UMass was oh so close to getting that first win. They have Kent and EMU next on deck so they might get it done soon.
13 EMU 13 0 15 minutes of making it interesting and then 45 minutes of being... well, Eastern Michigan.