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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Michael Shroyer
Rank Team PR Δ Comment
1 Toledo 1 0 Before anyone starts talking about how the MAC West is leaps and bounds ahead of the east keep in mind that Toledo just barely survived UMass
2 WMU 3 1 The most convincing MAC West win this week goes to WMU who spayed the bobcats. PJ Fleck is a clown but he looks to be a successful bozo.
3 NIU 2 -1 Speaking of just barely surviving look at NIU. The Huskies were down three on EMU early in the 4th Quarter.
4 BGSU 4 0 The idle falcons were this weeks big winners. BG sat back while the MAC East imploded. Akron, UMass, Ohio, and Buffalo all lost.
5 Ball State 6 1 Ball State has won two in a row, one of those over a decent Akron team. With Parity in the West they might still be in the hunt.
6 CMU 5 -1 CMU won the battle but lost Rawls for the season. This is going to change how teams prepare for the chips.
7 Akron 8 1 The Zips had Ball state dead to rights but let the Cards knock Akron out fo first place in the MAC East.
8 Ohio 7 -1 Ohio gave up 530 yards of offense to the WMU rowing team, they as only managed 2.4 yards per carry.
9 UMass 9 0 It was a game where the defenses did not show up and UMass happened to give Toledo the ball late in the 4th.
10 EMU 10 0 The factory shut down one quarter early against NIU. Down four with plenty of time the Eagles went on 4th and that was the difference.
11 Buffalo 11 0 Not a great start for Coach Wood and the Buffalo Bulls. UB's defense showed up but their running game was non existent.
12 Miami 13 1 Miami was the only MAC East team to win today, moving them from nearly last to third in the east.
13 Kent 12 -1 Kent had their chance to tie the game, driving late deep into Miami territory. Failing to convert on 3rd and1 and on 4th and 1 sums up their season.