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Buffalo Bulls vs. CMU Chips Second Half Highlights.

The Bulls lose three MAC games in a row and cannot get a victory for Coach Woods

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The second half begins and the Bulls get the ball first with the wind. Campbell with a great kick off return . Finally the Bulls special teams help as Campbell takes the kick at the 14 and jets 69 yards to set up a first down deep in CMU territory. Licata has all-day in the pocket and finds Malcolm Robinson and after a good extra point ties the game. The pass was behind Robinson but makes a great catch. Three plays 23 yards in one minute and six seconds. It is easy to not question half time adjustments with a great return like that.

The defense steps up and forces a third and ten but Ross with his second holding penalty of the game keeps the drive alive. The Bulls pick up Ross and stop CMU the next three plays. CMU with a great kick and the Bulls have the ball with the wind starting at their own 21.

Bulls try a flea flicker to start and broken up as Licata throws into double coverage deep and next two plays UB fails to move the ball. Wind not affecting the punts or throws like I would have thought. Defensive battle as UB stops CMU on 3 and 1 and force a punt. UB's next three plays were some of the worst play calling and execution and UB is forced to punt.

CMU starts with seven minutes to go in half with good field position. But this is a new defense that is blitzing and sacked the QB three times already. Great pressure again forces a lofted pass and Whitney Sherry with the interception.

As the game progress the early games show the MAC East losing every game so far. The Buffalo Bulls win this game and in tied for second place. Thank goodness for MAC East football.

The Bulls have the ball and Willoughby is the WR of the week and has a great spin move and gets great yards after a catch with 24 total.

Just like that Greer for CMU intercepts on their own 2. UB WR had a step but again Joe throws the high rainbow and under throws the receiver. That is a punch in the gut. This has been a slow moving quarter besides the Bulls opening return and drive. CMU is struggling to move the ball as well as we start the fourth quarter but is grinding the clock and inching down the field.  Maybe the play of the game will be a fourth and three and a wide open receiver Butler bails out Rush who was seconds away from being sacked. The drive is extended deep in UB territory.

Lester is struggling again and CMU converts.  After the Licata interception go 16 plays and is the longest drive of the season for the Chips at 9:29 spanning 98 yards. The extra point is shanked left and bounces of the left upright. That was a methodical drive and UB gets to the ball back 8:08 to play down 6.

UB's first two plays are terrible but then Joe moves around in pocket and finds McGill who powers after the catch into CMU territory to the 36. But the Bulls fail to make any forward progress and up is a 4th and 13. The pass is for Hughes but no chance.

CMU plans to grind out the next 5:53 for a road victory but UB holds. With a third and 9 UB need a stop and Lester was beat again but the ball was out front but the CMU receiver almost made an amazing catch.

What more can you ask for. With 2:53 left the Bulls have the ball, yet against the wind, down 6 and with a big drive can win one for Woods. Buffalo starts this drive dinking and dunking down the field. Buffalo needs to start taking shots down field and the clock starts to play a factor. UB does absolutely nothing with the ball as the offensive line cannot keep up with the rush. UB turns the ball over on downs and CMU 20 - 14.  Vegas knew what they were talking about today.  The Bulls are 3 - 5 and this game all but puts a dagger in any MAC East run.  This is a game that UB could have absolutely won.  Third MAC lose in a row.

Sorry Woods, could not get you a win and may not get a win all season.  Taylor struggles as well and CMU bottled UB running attack.