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Buffalo Bulls vs Central Michigan - First Half Break Down

On a windy day in Amherst both teams come out passing.

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Spor

The Bulls are back on the field after the firing of Jeff Quinn and a week off from action. Weather is 60 degrees but the wind is blowing hard and swirling. The game started with a very awkward senior day. Not coach to speak about the player or hug or even Danny White taking Quinn's spot.

CMU had the ball first against the wind and just walked 75 yards in a 9 play drive where the bulk of the yards were gained in the air. The Bulls DB's lined up 10 yards of the line of scrimmage and CMU gashed the Bulls and made the opening drive look way to easy. Many times players were confused. The secondary is looking as weak as it has all season.

The Bulls get the ball with the wind and pound Taylor on the ground. The pace for the Bulls is noticeably centered on slowing the game down. The first drive stalls even with two offside calls against CMU. Licata who is typically accurate continues to struggle this season. Licata had receivers open and was unable to connect.

CMU on its first drive looked to have lost all MAC running back Rawls. Injury to shin/knee and was taken to locker room. The wind was not a factor for Cooper Rush QB for CMU as he found time and receivers. No just check down throws but deep throws of 20 yards or more. The secondary is slow and no clear direction as to who they want to be. Olozie stopped the second CMU drive with back to back sacks.

Licata continues to struggle and badly under throws a pass into double coverage. It has gotten so bad that it might be time to consider making a change for change shake. I did not think that it would be the case but Joe's regression has been sharp and sever. Where once Joe was a smart QB who found the opening receiver looks hesitant and a fast inner clock. Joe is not doing any favors for the Bulls defense.

For CMU Cooper Rush is gashing apart the Bulls secondary. To add insult to injury CMU's second string running back is looking all world running at the strength of the Bulls defense, right up the gut. Lavalli scores his second TD of the game running up straight in not being touched until he was going into the end zone.

The offense is slow and ineffective. The defense is slow and besides Alozie not on the field to play today. If this was Woods interview, don't call us we will call you. Whoever the next coach of the Bulls will be, recruiting secondary has to be top priority. I do not understand who the Bulls can be this weak and thin at defensive backs.

The refs are not helping the Bulls as pressure on Rush causes a fumble. The refs blow the play dead after what would have been a return for TD. It is time for Licata to get his swag back. With six minutes left in the first half and down 14, the Bulls need old Joe.

The Bulls put together a drive and uses the Bull Cat. Jordan Johnson is back and picks up a 3 and 1. Licata throws to his double coverage man Willoughby who makes an amazing play for the ball in the end zone but cannot put his hands down and lands squarely on his face. The touch down will be a 29 yard pitch and catch. Willoughby is down and needed help to get off the field. And the Bulls even made the extra point. It is a 11 play 67 yard drive that took four minutes 37 seconds.

Bulls hold CMU and get the ball back with a minute left in the half. Bulls are driving but going against the wind. A field goal is almost not an on option and Joe completes a duck to pad his stats. The half ends 14 - 7 CMU. The Buffalo are starting to pull it together. Under Quinn you never saw a half time adjustment. Let's see what Wood does.

Wood made one error in the first half. The Bulls with the ball and gain 12 yards and 2nd and 28. The Bulls decline the penalty and take 3rd and 16. The Bulls should have taken the five yard penalty and made it 2nd and 23. Bulls do not convert as they pick up 15 and decide to punt on 4th and 1 deep in their zone.