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Buffalo Bulls Record Watch - Central Michigan

Buffalo Bulls Record Chasers

The presumably brief Alex Wood Era kicks off tomorrow but UB football is all about the players. Looking at the ever growing "Bull Run Stat Book"* There are several players who can achieve milestones this week should UB come out and play well on both sided of the Ball.

Joe Licata

I would be very surprised if Joe Licata came out and threw three touchdowns but if the Junior manages that feat he will tie Drew Willy for the all time UB touchdown passing record.

A three touchdown game might also mean Licata passed Joe Freedy to take the #4 spot in passing yards.

Anthone Taylor

If UB does their damage on the ground look for Taylor to make a big move.

UB's running back only needs 58 yards to break into the schools top ten list, should he put up a 100 yard game he will Pass Aaron Leeper for #9 all time.

Devin Campbell

Will hopefully not be getting too much work returning kicks, but that's up to the UB defense. He is averaging about 23 yards per return so six more returns will gt him passed Naaman Roosevelt in both Returns and Yards.

Hughes and Willoughby

UB's two leading receivers keep climbing but it's unlikely anything they do this week will bring them into the top 10 category.

Lee Skinner

Skinner passed Cosmo Nestola for #8 all times in total tackles. The next guy on Skinner's list is Khalil Mack. At his current pace Lee should catch Mack in a few weeks.

This week however he should blow by Stan Wojceichowski in assisted tackled.

Cortney Lester

EMU bet UB with a Mobile quarterback to Lester did not register a pass defended. He still sits two back of Domonic Cook

Adam Redden

Redden is a fumble recovery away from the top 10.