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People I want to see interviewed for the Buffalo Job - Charles Kelly

It's no secret I'm not a huge fan of Florida State. Each time they eke out a win this season my inner football fan dies a little so you may be surprised I am casting an eager eye towards their coaching staff.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Liking a program is not a prerequisite for wanting to hire away one of their coaches. For example; If I had a key to his office I would put Florida State defensive Coordinator Charles Kelly's name on Danny White's short list.

Kelly played at Auburn until he graduated in 1990 degree in secondary math education. He was a defensive back under former HC Pat Dye and his senior class put together a four-year record of 39-7-2 while participating in four bowl games.

In 2002, Kelly earned a master's degree in education from Troy State. The guy obviously is not just football smart; secondary math is not quantum physics but it is not a sleeper major by any stretch.

After coaching some high schools and at the FCS level he landed at Georgia Tech in 2006 where he remained until taking over as the interim defensive coordinator in 2012. After he took over a floundering team the Yellow Jackets improved and helped turn the season from a 2-4 dumpster fire into a bowl win.

Shortly after that he was hired as the linebackers and special teams coach at Florida State. His defense led the nation in scoring defense (12.1), pass defense (156.6) and interceptions (26), and ranked third in total defense (281.4) in 2013. Only two teams scored more than 17 points against the Seminoles.

As much as Florida State's offense got attention it was their defense driving the bus. This season Kelly was named the defensive coordinator.

I know what you are going to say . The hire sounds a bit "Fleck-ish" in terms of his overall coaching experience but there are a couple of reasons I think it might just be the right fit for Buffalo.

Defensive coach

I am convinced UB needs to hire a defensive-minded coach and try to maintain a lot of the offensive staff. Our offense is not perfect but it is effective. If we had a good defense this UB team would be 5-2 or 6-1 right now instead of 3-4.

As an added bonus Kelly has coached special teams for Georgia Tech and Florida State.


I don't think UB needs a Northeastern or Midwest coach to recruit in NY or Ohio but we do need a guy with connections down South if we want to do any damage in Florida.

We can offer money close to what he is making now

Last I heard Kelly's salary was a base of 206 thousand with a total compensation around a half million. In a few years if he keeps on his current trajectory he may be making more than that but for the time being UB can either match or come dang close to his current pay check just by matching what Quinn was getting.

(I have not seen if his promotion to DC came with a big bump in pay)

Flash Factor

I read around a bit and Kelly seems to have a rapport with kids and a national championship ring. That's something which can help lure some more contested recruits to Buffalo. He also seems to do it without anything as ridiculous as "Row The Boat" or "#FalconFast #FalconFast #FalconFast #FalconFast"

The risk with a hire this young is that Buffalo will be a short waystation on his career list, but really that's true of any coach that comes into the MAC and has huge success. Toledo, Bowling Green and NIU have all been raided in recent years.