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MAC Blogger Roundtable - Eagle Totem

1. Last week talked about coaches; this week let's talk about players: Which player from your team has been the biggest positive surprise, and who has fallen the most short of expectations?

I think without a doubt our biggest positive surprise is Anthone Taylor. The fall of fin our running game after losing Branden Oliver has been stunningly slight. In fact I would say right now Taylor appears to be developing into a back who next year could challenge BO's single season record.

On the flip side I am going to go with any of our defensive backs. I did not think they would replace what we had last season but they are shocking bad this year.

2. If you could steal any one player from another MAC team, who would you take and why?

Given our problem in the defensive backfield I am going to go with Quentin Poling of the Ohio Bobcats. I know that if you're looking at DB's then you might want Miami's Quinten Rollins but he seems to ahve already peaked this season early on. Since then he has been good but not great.

3. Bill Parcells once commented, "You are what your record says you are." Which MAC team this season is not what their record says they are?

It really pains me to say this but..... UMass.

Lost three incredibly close out of conference games against good teams and had one bad collaps against Miami. If you give them UB's schedule they may already be at six wins. I don't know if its an aberration of if the Minutemen will spend the next two years as a top 3rd team in the conference.

4. We were supposed to do this last week but seem to have forgotten, so...rank 'em!

Here are my weekly rankings