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This weeks Buffalo Bulls Depth Chart

Any thoughts that Coach Wood was going to make drastic changes to the lineup took a big hit when you look at the depth chart for Central Michigan. Other than adding and removing a few "or" relationships the chart has not changed since the loss to EMU.

But don't confuse the lack of changes in the depth chart for inaction by Wood. He has been busy trying to focus and rally his players and coaches.

The Buffalo coach has spent the past week trying to hammer home a message to everyone with a stake in UB football.

"Hey, We are still working for the university of Buffalo and we represent UB". Wood told his players. "We need to do that with class and distinction"

He also had a bit of help rallying the troops from a former colleague, Ed Orgeron.

Wood and Ogeron worked together with the Miami Hurricanes. After reading about Wood's opportunity with Buffalo Orgeron reached out via a phone call.

Orgeron himself was an interim coach last season for USC. He had a very successful run with the Trojans and conveyed to UB's players via Skype that it was their relationship to each other that would define this season, not the coaching change.

Wood was quick to point out that given this weekend's results UB was right back in the thick of the East but said he did not plan on any drastic changes to the scheme or personality of the team.

This will be Wood's first game as a head coach since the mid 90's when he spent four years at James Madison.

Injury Note: Brandon Crawford and Jordan Johnson are day to day.