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Mid American Conference Power Rankings

Mike McGinnis

If you're Alex Wood this week went about as well as it could have. UB has fired Jeff Quinn making you the head coach of a team which was 1-2 in conference but it seems like the other teams in the Eastern Division tripping over themselves to keep you in the race for a trip to Detroit.

It really is setting up as a story book for Buffalo. Of course it's not like anyone on their schedule is going to roll over for them. UMass is playing well, Kent Beat Army, and of course Akron and Ohio will be tough.

Still if you believe that UB's problems were in large part do to Quinn's game management then there is no reason to think that they can't make a run at Motown.

Rank Team PR Δ Comment Up Next
1 Toledo 2 1 Toledo got to relax and watch the MAC East implode into chaos. They are now the last undefeated team in the MAC. UMass
2 NIU 5 3 NIU has a good record but they are playing these games much tighter than they should be. EMU
3 WMU 6 3 PJ Fleck has the Broncos 4-3 and in good position for a run at the West. Young team with a big future. Ohio
4 BGSU 1 -3 Bowling Green played sloppy. Two turnovers on the road usually spells trouble. At least Akron lost... BYE
5 CMU 3 -2 The Chips came out flat against Ball State and as a result they are back two of Toledo Buffalo
6 Ball State 8 2 Big Win by Ball State today but I'm not ready to buy in just yet given some of the awful football played in Muncie. Akron
7 Ohio 7 0 Good teams find a way to win and Ohio certainly dug down at home against Akron. WMU
8 Akron 4 -4 Two turnovers on their last two drives ended the Zips chances to take a strong lead in the MAC East. Ball State
9 UMass 11 2 Well Color me surprised but UMass is 2-2 and right in the pack of teams trying to take the east this season. Toledo
10 EMU 9 -1 A week after playing "The Quinn Reaper" EMU was put back in their place by UMass. Next Week NIU. NIU
11 Buffalo 10 -1 Buffalo had a week to sit back and deal with internal issues while the rest of the East seemingly fell apart. CMU
12 Kent 13 1 Kent did what neither Buffalo nor Ball State could do, beat the US Army in football. Miami
13 Miami 12 -1 Miami could be a team taking baby steps this season. Playing -10 against Northern Illinois is pretty good for now. Kent