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MAC Blogger Roundtable - Over the Pylon

Believe it or not, Buffalo is not the center of the universe and the MAC bloggers roundtable is here to prove it. This week there is much more to talk about than UB's coaching change and our 'friends' at "Over The Pylon" have taken time out of their "crap coverage" to ask the rest of us MAC Bloggers a few questions:

1.)  The dominant story this week in college football has been the autographs for potential profits from Jameis Winston or Todd Gurley. Who on your team would command the highest price for their signature, and what would it be worth to you?

Usually it would probably be Joe Licata because he is a local kid who is on pace to smash all of Drew Willy's passing records. Me personally though, I would never pay for someone's autograph so I suppose all I would do is get the Bull Run editorial staff to do is sing "Hakuna Licata" on an episode of Last Bull In.

This week though most UB fans would want Danny White's autograph. Despite making a bowl last season on a pretty easy schedule the UB Athletic Director did not tolerate a 3-4 start with losses to Army and EMU. It's nice to see UB not settling.

2.) At this moment we have three undefeated teams in conference play (Akron, BG, Toledo). Do you see any of them running a clean sheet in MAC play? If not, who trips them up? Conversely, Ball State and Kent State sit winless in conference play. Who is their first win, if they even get one at all?

Who would have thunk it but Akron probably has the best shot of the three teams to run the table. Bowling Green has to face both teams on the road, that's a tall order for the Falcons given their defense.

Toledo gets Bowling Green at home the week after a road trip to Northern Illinois.

Akron is through the brunt of their schedule. Aside from hosting Bowling Green all the Zips need do is avoid tripping up against the lower rung teams in the conference.

3.) Some major schools, most notably Florida are now loudly banging the drum for coaching change. The dominoes that kind of move would have would be felt everywhere. Who is most likely from the MAC to move up at the conclusion of this season, and more importantly, who may be packing up their own office a la Jeff Quinn by season's end for not so good reasons?

Does any MAC coach deserve to move up this season? Really?

If you have to pin us down to just one coach then in a world where Terry Bowden and the Zips run the table then Akron will be looking for a new coach. Clearly any team looking for a coach would see the man who took Akron from double digit losses to double digit wins as someone worth considering.

On the flip side where do we start? In addition to Lembo's team losing like there is no tomorrow now we have "poop-gate" going on. Despite the problems in Muncie Lembo has earned another year.

Honestly other than Jeff Quinn any MAC coach rocking a terrible record is new enough that they are safe this season. So long as the problems a team is having stay on the field I don't see anyone else on the chopping block.