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Last Bull In - The Not So Uneventful Bye Week

Live show tonight, 10/15, broadcast right here on Bull Run. Show starts at 11:30 PM.

UB Bull Run's Last Bull In featuring Conrad, Tim, Matt, and hosted by David. We will start the program looking back at the EMU game and of course we will be spending the bulk of the show discussing the release of Jeff Quinn. We will bring names to the table who we would like to see on the sidelines leading the Bulls, discuss the future of the program and much more.

Matt will break down the non-football Bulls teams. No picks this week for BRuWPEG and hopefully we can finally straighten out the scores now that the spreadsheet is fixed. Should be up and running by end of season.

I was looking for input just before the news broke out of Amherst and you heard the big news here first: Begging for Ideas for the show!. Many wanted to discuss how does Quinn keep the job. Well, that was answered before the show even started. One question we will discuss from Brian who wants to have answered is; What does the notion "competing for MAC Championships" mean to each of you?

Leave questions or show ideas in the comment section below. All questions will be answered. The questions or ideas does not have to just be about football and/or Quinn. Requests for Conrad to slip back into the bubble bath will be denied.